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Corey Belden Week 4 Individual Assignment 8-1a Communication Self-Assessment I pride myself on my communication skills. With my background in customer service I have had to constantly interact with customers. When you work as call center representative you have to have empathy and active listening skills. Oftentimes the customers that you will be speaking with are upset and you need to not only determine why but to talk them down if you can. I have taken several classes throughout my academic career on communication, and when I started my last job I thoroughly research how to build an effective customer service department. My score on this assessment was a 39. It was not as low as it could be and I recognize that I do have some communication problems. My major hurdle to overcome always comes back to my attention span. I have trouble focusing on one task at a time. Often taking on too many at one time, this can lead to stress as a manager. I sometimes will write an email and get distracted by an instant message and forget about the email. At my last job this was a constant problem, as I was always short staffed. I had a lot to do; in the future I will focus on one task at a time. The other major problem when I communicate is I have trouble with open ended questions for difficult situations. I get stressed and forget to ask them. 8-1b Non-Verbal Communication I am usually sufficient at people watching. It is something that I actually enjoy doing. Sitting at the park on a Saturday on a bench and just watching interactions. I can usually judge by someone’s body language and face what their mood is. When people communicate everything goes into it not just words. I noticed that people use their whole body often when they communicate. I have found that some people talk with their hands; I am one of these people. If I am looking to get my point across I will “talk” wildly with my hands. When people are sad their whole demeanor changes, their bodies can slump and their faces get a look about them. Emotions have a strong tie into how a person holds themselves. I noticed that whatever emotion the person was representing their entire body went into their communication. My personal buffer zone is different for people that I know compared to strangers. I am borderline agoraphobic when it comes to strangers. I will start to have an anxiety attack if I have to sit next to strangers. This usually only occurs at non-work related functions, such as at concerts, and dinners. If I have to sit next to someone that I do not know I would rather they are several seats away. When my boyfriend and I went on vacation last, we went on a cruise and they have the formal dining every night. Well one night they wanted to sit us with another couple. I panicked and refused to eat dinner, and started to freak out, actually crying a little. This is completely irrational behavior and there is no need for it. With my boyfriend or family members I am completely different. I have no problem
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Belden_Week4Individualassignment - Corey Belden Week 4...

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