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Communication Plan: “Downsizing and decline, as well as growth, are also natural and even desirable phases of an organization’s development” (Cameron, 1994). Although we are going to have to let several employees go this does not mean that we are not a unified team. We need to do our best to ensure the remaining employees that we value their positions within the company. This will be a very tough decision to make, choosing who to layoff. We need to make this as easy and smooth as possible. When we “communicate tough decisions in a human way” (, 1992), we show the employees that we value them, and do not make assumptions, that they understand what is going on. I have laid out the steps that we will follow below: First we are going to release a memo stating that reductions will take place. We will offer a compensation package to those who volunteer to be first pick in the layoffs. We have several employees that are a few years away from
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  • Fall '12
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  • Termination of employment, Cameron, Successful Organizational Downsizing, major communication issues, key communication issues

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Belden_Week4individualforumassignment - Communication Plan...

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