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10-1a Coaching Skills Assessment I like to think that I am a great coach. My goal as a leader has always been to effectively help my subordinates become the best that they can be. My lowest scores were in the Inquiry and Challenge, and Listening and Attention sections. I scored a 19 and 21 respectively. These are areas that I need to work on, as I have discussed in prior assessments. Many of my issues come back to my social phobia, and my attention span. The highest scores that I received on this assessment were on Empowerment and Compassion and Authenticity and Presence sections. I received 30’s on both of these sections. These are skills that I have recently been working on. Over the past few years, mainly around the time that I went back to school, I have found a purpose in life. I have no trouble sharing my dreams and vision for my life with others. I like to let others know that I have dreams and goals, and I will make them happen. I like to try to motivate others into doing more with their lives. When I took this assessment I realized that I really need to work on my ability to be present in the situation. This is especially important when I am a supervisor. If one of my subordinates is sharing an issue with me and my mind starts to wander, this is rude to them, and can seem to them that I do not value their opinion. 10-1b Mentoring Skills Inventory for Mentees I like to improve who I am as a person being a mentee would be a great step for me. I would be able to take someone’s knowledge and create a plan to become a more effective worker and manager. There are a few skills in this assessment that I noted that I needed to work on. I noted that I needed to work on networking and requesting feedback. These have always been big issues of mine. Anything to deal with speaking to people that isn’t necessarily work related. I am terrible at starting conversations with people, and often stutter or become “tongue-tied”.
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Belden_Week5Individualassingment - 10-1a Coaching Skills...

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