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Corey Belden Week 5 Individual Assignment Group C Inbox 10-1: I found the five executive coaching organizations that you suggested that I find. I have listed them below: 1. The first coach is Sanjay Behuria. He has a Masters in Business, History, and law. He also has post graduate work in Applied Psychology, and a diploma in counseling, and coaching He worked in the banking industry for over twenty years. He worked in every sector of the banking industry from credit up to financing. He has trained several junior executives that were effectively able to manage their abilities and consequently rose to high positions in the prospective companies. His website is$About_Coach . The initial session is free, and is 60 minutes long. He offers several levels of coaching, including group or one on one. He does not have pricing listed, but judging by other coaches of his caliber is most likely in the $200 an hour or more range. The typical collegiate 2. The next coach is Kathy Quinn of Ithaca Life Coaching. She can be contacted here . She seems to be mostly focused on life and education coaching. She has a holistic approach to coaching and she may be able to assist me with relaxation techniques. The first sample
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Belden_Week5Individualforumassignment - Corey Belden Week 5...

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