Belden_Week6Individual Assignment

Belden_Week6Individual Assignment - 12-1a Entrepreneurial...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-1a Entrepreneurial InterestI answered yes to almost every question in this assessment. I have taken two small business and entrepreneur classes in preparation for owning a business. I have completed a business plan, but not for the particular business that I am really interested in starting. The business plan that I created was actually for the winery that my boyfriend wants to start, that I will be the office manager for. I have fully researched what it takes to really start your own business and when the time comes and I am fully willing to change my life to make my dream happen.12-1b Entrepreneurial TestThis assessment I answered yes to 19 questions. According the SBAs website I need some additional assistance, the recommended that I take their free business skills class. There are a few additional aspects of developing a business that I need assistance with, such as adversity. I tend to fold easily when I cannot figure a way through something. My boyfriend has helped me overcome this quite a bit. I still have trouble when I cannot determine a solution to something. What helps me is to sit down and list every possible solution that could work. I then choose the best one, and if that does not work I try another. I may even do further research to work more on the problem.13-1a Team OrientationI scored a 67 on this assessment. I prefer to work alone than to work in teams. I have no problem leading a team but when I have to work together with equals I have trouble getting my opinion in. I either feel lost and that my work did not matter or end up doing getting my opinion in....
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2012 for the course BUSINESS mgmt taught by Professor Bruehlman during the Fall '12 term at Chadron State College.

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Belden_Week6Individual Assignment - 12-1a Entrepreneurial...

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