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Post a response to each of the questions in Case 12-2: A Yoga Enthusiast Creates a Business Out of a Hobby Questions: 1. Why did Chambers hire Chamberlain? Do you think this was a good idea? Explain. Chambers hired Chamberlain because she was a little over her head. Although she had the created the products she had no idea how to really market them. This often happens when entrepreneurs who are not business savvy start their own companies. Having a great idea is one thing; successfully marketing the brand is another. I think Chambers hiring Chamberlain was a great idea. If you do not have the skills for a certain task, either learn them or outsource them. Since she is paying him only in equity she isn’t even losing money. As long as Yoga remains popular she will have a successful product. The types of Yoga enthusiasts who use her product are not the type you see shopping for Yoga mats or shorts at Wal-Mart. They care about quality of material and would much rather purchase from a company that cares about their
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