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Checkup on Clothing Care This assessment appears to be a little outdated; I do not know anyone who has “woolens”, well other than my grandmother. Most people my age do not even purchase high quality shoes that would need to be cleaned or polished. Many shoes are made of man-made material and do not scuff like leather does. I do take good care of my clothes and shoes and love clothes and especially shoes. My dream one day is to have a very large walk-in closet with spaces for my large shoe collection. I scored a 195 on this assessment which states that I need a little improvement. If I actually owned some of the items listed I would’ve gotten a higher score. As I do not own a shoe tree, nor do I believe that many people purchase them, aside from men. I do have a shoe rack that my shoes and boots are placed on. I do not own anything that is dry clean only, but make sure that I hand-wash my delicates to ensure that they last as long as possible and do not fade. Altogether I take pretty good care of my clothing, and would be able to take better care if I had more space, but my home is small and as such I have to put them in odd places. Most Constantly Asked Questions on Table Manners I thought that I knew about proper table manners, but I got several of the questions wrong. I was not aware that the hostess should be served last, although this does make sense to me, since the hostess is the one making or serving the food. I have never been to a formal dinner party; my family does not do “formal”. I probably have the best table manners of my entire family. I do my best to have proper manners, but apparently I need some work. An article that I found on table manners states, “ Table manners and etiquette might sound like something really old fashioned and dusty, but you really need to give them your full and undivided attention, unless you want your important formal dinner to be a
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Belden_Week7individualassignment - Checkup on Clothing Care...

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