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Test Your Networking Skills: As I have discussed in previous assignments I am terrible at small talk. I never know what to say in a group forum. I have been working on my skills when meeting new people. I have taken books out of the library that show how to improve networking skills. It has helped me have questions to ask others when I meet new people or see people I have not seen for a long time. I got only three questions right which proves how awkward networking can be for me. I do well at listening but have trouble formulating questions other than empathetic questions. I have trouble continuing a conversation and sometimes my awkward social graces causes problems with others. My awkwardness creates pauses in conversation, where either person does not what to say to continue the conversation. There is a class at my local community college on networking and business skills. I am planning on taking their next session. Test Your Interview IQ I scored a seven on this assessment. I thought my knowledge of interview skills was better than it actually was. I did spend over a year hiring new employees and created my own interviewing technique. The first question that I got wrong was , the time of day for the interview, I answered mid morning because that was when I preferred to interview and thought that I had read that it was mid morning was best. The next question that I got wrong was the question about a weakness. In everything that I have ever read about interviews the authors stated that you should state something that isn’t really a weakness, I have never heard that you should use an actual weakness. The last question that I got wrong was about what impressed managers most aside from abilities. I answered appearance, as appearance is very important to me. I was always taught that you were to wear a suit to any interview no matter the level of job. I have seen this trend become almost non-existent except in higher up positions. During my time at my last job I interviewed dozens of candidates and less than 25% wore suits to the interview. I saw everything from jeans, to business casual clothing. To me appearance is important, I understand that suits can be expensive, but you only have one change to do your best. It most likely did not occur to me that honesty would be a great trait for managers to
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Belden_Individualwrittenassignmentweek8 - Test Your...

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