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To: CEO From: Corey Belden (Human Resources) Re: Managing human capital proposal. Date: October 30, 2011 Purpose: To better utilize the human capital that we have to make the company more profitable. My Ideas: There are many benefits that properly utilizing human capital can obtain. I will list what I feel that we can do to better utilize our resources and the employees that we have. Many employees are not being utilized effectively and as a result are only costing the company money. For the purpose of my memo I will define human capital as, our organization’s employees, including their skills, training, experience, judgment, intelligence, relationships and insight. When comparing my departments micro-view and the macro-view of the executives there are many things that must be equally considered. My department is concerned with meeting the budget and getting employees to fill the needed positions with the skills that we are seeking. I feel that we are not utilizing these employees effectively and are in effect wasting money. We currently treat all employees as disposable, because in the fast we have felt that there are many other people that can do their jobs. But upon
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Belden_week1assignment1 - Memo To CEO From Corey...

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