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Read the micro-case "How GE and Zappos Develop Great Leaders" on pages 285-286 in Noe. Please complete the case questions after the case. Note: These are not short answer questions. Feel free to cite outside sources to support your positions as necessary. 1. What approaches to employee development are mentioned in this case for Zappos? Which are mentioned for General Electric? In the case Zappos is mentioned as having managers do team building trainings. This is from Zappos blog, “At Zappos, training is a big deal to us. Every employee, regardless of the position that they are hired on for, goes through our 4 week Customer Training program. And now, the training team has morphed into something completely new in order to further train Zapponians and help them grow as employees, as well as people” (, 2009). Zappos does many things that almost no companies do for their employees. The four week customer service training for all employees is a start. Many companies should take Zappos business model and perhaps they will be as successful. In regards to General Electric’s employee development the case mentioned that they put people in positions to show their management abilities even before they feel that they are ready. They spend over a billion a year on structured trainings.GE has made some movement in employee development. They created a process last year to capitalize on the state of the market. This is a particular example of one of their new techniques ““From a matrix perspective,
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Belden_Week5Assignment1 - I. INTRODUCTION ZAPPOS.COM a. Who...

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