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Performance Management Performance reviews are important, “ Promotion Performance evaluations provide a look at how and what a worker is doing compared with earlier reviews of her skill sets, knowledge, initiative and participation in the company vision. This record reflects whether an employee is prepared to assume greater responsibility. If, for example, multiple candidates are vying for promotion, but there's only one slot to fill, a supervisor must justify his choice by pointing to specific examples of outstanding achievement and professional readiness”(Hamlett, 2011). We will provide timely performance reviews for our employees. For the first year of an employee working for us, they will get a performance review at 3, 6 and 12 months. The three month review will consist of their 90 day review. This is where we will decide if we want to keep working with them. The 90 day review will be done for all new hires regardless of department. For non salary employees the review will consist of them being bumped up to the permanent employee pay rate, if they have succeeded and passed all required certifications. For customer service and sales, they must prove that they know how to use the software, know the products, and have been meeting their goals. If they have done this and require no new training then they will go to the full rate. If they have proven that they still need work, but are doing a relatively good job, then
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Belden_Week4Assignment2 - Performance Management...

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