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Employee Benefits Plan: As an eligible employee of XYZ Corporation you will be eligible for a variety of benefits. We have benefits in a variety of categories including financial and medical. The level of coverage varies by department. Of course we also have the government mandated benefits such as unemployment insurance and Family Medical Leave Act. Those will be discussed further at the end of this summary plan. Participating in the Plan: You will become eligible to enroll in health, dental, and eye insurance at the three month mark. You will be eligible for all other benefits at the six month mark. When you become eligible you have 30 days to enroll. If this is not done than you must wait until the next open enrollment or life change, such as birth or marriage. Medical Plan Coverage: We have several levels of plans to fit every budget and health conditions. Discounts will be applied for those that sign up for our wellness plan. Our most basic plan simply covers minor illnesses and hospital stays. For a family we have the all inclusive plan. Our final plan is the biggest plan that we offer and is several hundreds of dollars a month. We also offer same sex partner coverage. Dental Plan Coverage: We offer two dental plans one basic that covers one cleaning a year, and is capped at the lower end yearly of coverage. The other plan offers a much larger yearly cap and is
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Belden_Week7Assignment1 - Employee Benefits Plan: As an...

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