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Why Women Are A Great Resource for Human Capital Management Corey Belden Human Capital Management Term Paper Fall 2011 Chadron State College Throughout the last few years as more and more women are entering the workforce, there has been an influx of female managers. Although many of the major corporations in the world have women executives and CEOs, there are many still that do not. Even though women make up almost half of the workforce, they only make 75% of what men do for the same job positions. The more education that a woman has the greater the difference in pay is. There is little change that happens every year, and some experts think that it may take near one hundred years for the gaps to be made up. As such even in today’s society that focuses on equality in the business world women face many challenges to become successful. Women that choose to go to college straight from high school, and who delay having children will have less of a pay gap then those who have children first then go to college. A study that was performed by the University of Maryland in conjunction with UCLA looked at women who put off having children until they were over 25 and had
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children (, 2011). Women who delay having children and choose to go to college and work first will also be more likely to return to worker sooner after their children are born than women who have children when they are younger than 25. Women take on more roles than their male counterparts do in the business world. Women who are managers are usually expected to work full time, and take care of their households. Women managers are less likely to be married than their male counterparts, and expected to give up more of their time. In addition, women executives who are married are not only expected to do their jobs but are also expected to take care of family obligations. As a result women must be better multi-taskers than their male counterparts in order to manage their time more efficiently, both in their professional and personal lives. Many higher up executives treat male managers differently than they do their female managers. This is because they often feel uncomfortable working side by side with women on equal footing. Some men still have trouble realizing that women can be equals in the workforce. They want to see women as beneath them, and have a hard time realizing that women can be their equals. It puts executives in a difficult position because they want the workforce to be more diverse but they do not want to lose the male talent that they already have, especially if they are long established with the company.
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Belden_week8finalpaper - Why Women Are A Great Resource for...

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