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1. Based on the description in the case and the definitions in the text, would you characterize Roche Diagnostics as an international, multinational, or global organization? Explain Roche Diagnostics appears to be a global organization. Their field is very specific and as a result they have trouble finding enough qualified individuals in the countries of their main facilities. Since Roche Diagnostics chose the location to place facilities based on the skills of the area residents rather than the price they could pay them, they care more about giving their customers a quality product. Global organizations want to get the best product possible and this almost always means having the best workers on your team. 2. Evaluate how Roche prepares employees for its global rotation program. What improvements or additions to the preparation would you recommend? Although Roche utilizes several great techniques to ease their employees into the new position that they will have they seem to forget about the managers needs. There are
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