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Belden_week8Assignment2 - Zappos is a leader not only in...

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Zappos is a leader not only in customer service but human resource appreciation. Zappos understands that when you offer good benefits and treat your employees well they will perform for you. Zappos prides themselves on providing outstanding service and creating a company culture that fosters creativity and growth. One of the biggest problems that Zappos faces is finding qualified individuals that are willing to go through the extensive process to become an employee. The interview process involves a two step process, and can be very grueling. Zappos wants to ensure that they only get employees who will be there for some time. Training employees can be very expensive and giving employees benefits to stay is a great idea. The number one incentive that Zappos gives is offering $2,000 to any new employee if they find that Zappos culture is not for them (Carey, 2009).They will be paid training wage plus the $2,000, as a result hardly anyone quits. Zappos has a list of ten core values that all employees are expected to represent. The
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