My perspective on Kuregiy Bonners post

My perspective on Kuregiy Bonners post - My perspective on...

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My perspective on Kuregiy Bonner‘s post While I feel the Kuregiy’s opening statement regarding how an employee’s failures are directly correlated with the leadership who delegated the tasks before them can be one version of a possible truth, a company’s internal culture is defined by a great many things. While leadership can certainly be the driving force in defining the culture of an organization’s internal customer structure, employees are equally responsible for defining that culture as well. To say that leadership is responsible for all bad apples and that employees are merely the result of that situation seems much to one-sided for me to completely agree. I agree with Kuregiy’s point that when you have employees who are localized from one culture and you have a manager who does not look at their cultural cues or norms you can have a divine separation, but you could also play devil’s advocate on this situation as well. With strength in numbers fully believing that certain norms define the only way to operate a business, management themselves might feel intimidated for the same reasons and a separation can occur on the reverse of those terms. Respect will always be the issue behind all of these cultural troubles and when either party cannot respect each other, the entire business culture suffers. I will agree that Kuregiy makes some very good points regarding how an organization must be created to serve the people who create its backbone. I also think it is important that having to change from time to time was noted because being completely rigid is always a recipe for disaster. Our world is constantly changing so in business we must change to accommodate the world, because the reverse simply will never happen. Like
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My perspective on Kuregiy Bonners post - My perspective on...

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