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Corey Belden Unit 4 My Perspective An organization is made up of employees and management. They are a symbiotic relationship; they must work together for the organization to properly function. When they do not work together, the system can fail. When the system fails, it is time for a change. Changing corporate culture can be difficult. Part One: Failures and successes at an organization are primarily put on the heads of management. Employees may be the ones doing most of the work, but they are guided by their managers. If management does not work with employees to initiate the change, than it will most likely fail. Handing someone a slip of paper and saying “this is what needs to change now go”, and offering no real direction does not work. I would have to say the biggest challenge within an organization that can be a direct contributor to its failure is Challenge #2: Controlling Culture’s Impact on Systems & Systems Impact on Culture”. Culture is a direct contributor to the success or failure of an organization’s system. How the management influences the culture and impact the system can cause many issues within the organization. Part Two: Major change can be done, but it must encompass at least of the one or more of the variables. Major change can be done if management remains the same. However something must be changed, a good place would be to start with a look at the organizations systems. What way are things done? What can be done to create a more efficient workplace? Major change would require serious change within the organization. Part Three: The most important item on my list would be communication. Communication is the most important thing within an organization. It is the backbone to everything. Without proper communication the system would fail. Changing corporate culture is about more than simply changing the system or changing management there is a lot more involved within this, According to an article I found: Some steps for changing corporate culture are: Create value and belief statements: use employee focus groups, by department, to put the mission, vision, and values into words that state their impact on each employee's job. For one job, the employee stated: "I live the value of quality patient care by listening attentively whenever a patient speaks." This exercise gives all employees a common understanding of the desired culture that actually reflects the actions they must commit to on their jobs. Practice effective communication: keeping all employees informed about the organizational culture change process ensures commitment and success. Telling employees what is expected of them is critical for effective organizational culture change. Review organizational structure:
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Belden_BestofUnit4 - Corey Belden Unit 4 My Perspective An...

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