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Corey Belden Unit 5 Original Post: My Perspective: Question 1: Recruiting is a part of every organization; some organizations use traditional recruiting while others use realistic recruiting. The organizations that use traditional recruiting tend to be older style management organizations. They may have a set way of doing things, even if it isn’t the most efficient method. They would rather everything run the same instead of changing something for the better. Traditional recruiting and traditional job previews just lead to issues within the organization. Massive turnover and profit loss as a result of bad hiring practices are the major downsides to traditional recruitment. If an organization clearly states what the job entails more people would make a good decision and either take the job if it was for them or not take it. Either way it would save the company from having to hire and train someone when that person leaves because the job was nothing like they thought it would be. Being as honest as possible is always the best choice. I have worked for many companies where they were not truthful; I did not quit but looked for a new job within a month or so of starting. I also hated going to work, because it was a miserable atmosphere. When employees are lied to from the get go it just leads to resentment and motivation problems. If a company would just come out and state how the job is from the get out than an applicant will be able to make an educated decision on the job. Question 2: Many companies put all their focus on the hiring and recruitment of new employees and offer very little cultural socialization once they are hired. Many are given training and an employee handbook to read over. This does little to really integrate someone into a company and show them how things really work and make them comfortable. There are many steps that are needed to fully integrate a new hire into an organization. Step one is the need for information, this is the phase where a new hire is given the information about the company. The first phase of assimilation is anticipatory socialization. Assimilation is when the new hire is becoming part of the organization and are no longer a new hire. The next phase is the encounter phase, where the employee realizes their role in the organization. The final phase is the metamorphosis, this is when a new hire changes the way the previously did something to match the needs of their current employer. The new hire is now part of the organization. Support from Readings and outside references: “The practice of realistic recruitment is well suited to the communicative organization. As we have shown throughout this chapter, traditional recruitment practices can contribute to unmet expectations, dissatisfaction, and turnover. Realistic recruitment is an attempt to treat recruits in a more ethical manner” (Modaff, 2008). The author states that realistic
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Corey Belden Unit 5 recruitment when utilized properly will usually result in improved satisfaction, and
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Belden-BestofUnit5 - Corey Belden Unit 5 Original Post My...

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