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Corey Belden’s Perspective Question 1: Many conflicts are caused by different factors I certainly believe that "conflicting conflict styles” can play a major part of this. Differing personalities can cause major problems when conflict arises, especially when someone is a head strong person who always needs to be right. My family is like this, everyone always has to be right even when they are wrong. I have learned this conflict style. It is a terrible thing to have, never being able to give up the fight even when you are wrong. I have started fights over nothing. Being able to change your conflict style to the conflict would be a great skill to possess; unfortunately many people are not able to do this. Having a conflict style that allows you to exacerbate the situation and get angry and allow the others involved in the conflict to also get angry is not good for conflict; this will just lead to problems. My conflict style was determined to be “ Avoiding Turtle”, this makes sense to me, and I try to avoid conflict whenever possible. My conflict style tends to vary based on the situation at hand. When I am with friends and family I actually do not avoid conflict. I will call my family out on something, especially with my boyfriend. I have to be right all the time. When I am working I tend to avoid conflict, but when conflict does arise I do not my best to wrap it up quickly. What the assessment said “Turtles’ behavior tends to represent low assertiveness and low cooperativeness” Particularly about the assertiveness is very true about me. I often have trouble speaking my mind. This can lead to others taking advantage of me. Question 2: There is no best conflict style. Every conflict style can have its place. Some may be better for a certain situation than for another. Each person has their strong points when it comes to conflict. According to the image it would appear that Compromise would be the best style. A compromise would allow all parties to have part of what they want from the conflict. The most challenging conflict styles to put together, would probably be avoid and compete. Someone who is very assertive and loves conflict will want to argue their point, and a person who avoids will just give in. This accomplishes nothing but the more assertive person getting their way. Their way may not have even been the best one. Someone who avoids conflict can create problems in a workplace especially when they are in a position of management. When a manager avoids disciplining their staff members this will only cause resentment on behalf of the other managers and staff members. Avoiding certain situations might have its place but avoiding everything is not conducive to business.
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Belden_BestofUnit6 - Corey Beldens Perspective Question 1:...

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