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BeldenFinalexamquestion4 - Recruitment This function is...

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I am the CEO for the Rose Noir Chocolate Company we have wanted to create a list of what our human capital really is. We are a small organization with only 50 employees. The types of human capital that our organization has are mostly factory workers. We have one manager who oversees the entire factory; he has two assistant managers who work different shifts. The factory is open first and second shift. Amongst the lower level employees we also have a human resource manager/account manager; she does the bookkeeping, payroll and all recruiting for our organization.
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Unformatted text preview: Recruitment: This function is done by our HR department Benefits: We currently offer health, dental, and 401K Departments: CEO, Main manager, assistant managers, workers, and HR. Training: Administration: Performance Reviews: Recruitment is done by our HR manager. She works with the department managers to do interviews. She screens applicants then does the initial interview, when the applicants have based basic requirements they then sit down with a department manager. Administration has the final approval on new hires, after they have taken their skills tests....
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