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Week Two DQ 5 - Week Two DQ 5 The start of this week I...

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Week Two DQ 5 The start of this week, I decided that I was only going to eat serving size of food, drink more water and keep away from the Monster drinks. Tuesday I got up and had french toast and bacon. I only had one piece of the french toast and had two bacon strips. I also had a big glass of water. I did find myself feeling hungry but did not eat anything till lunch. I skipped lunch and did not eat anything until dinner where I had pork chops. I had two pork chops, green beans and bread. Wednesday, I had nothing for breakfast and had a turkey and cheese sandwich. I ate dinner with my daughter and we had tacos. Today, I again skipped breakfast and eat a apple for lunch. When I got to work a coworker brought hamburgers and I only eat one. Looking back, and looking what I had in the refrigerator, I saw that I had fresh fruit and veggies, instead of thr french toast, I could have made some type of fruit dish with some yogurt. I need to cut back on the meat at dinner because I find myself feeling drained by the time I go to bed. I need to cut back on the bread items
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