When interpreting nutrition information from fo

     When interpreting nutrition information from fo

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When interpreting nutrition information from food labels there are many things to look for. The first thing I look for on a food label is how many calories the product has. There is a certain number of calories a person should consume in a day. Secondly I look at how much sodium the food has. Sodium is important because it basically tells you how much salt is in something. I usually watch my sodium because I really don't want to take too much in. Sodium and carbohydrates are very bad if you have diabetes. Carbohydrates is the last thing I look at on a food label. Carbohydrates is what gives you energy and cause your blood pressure to go up or down. The information on a food label can be used to improve or decrease your health. By keeping count of how much calories, sodium, and carbohydrates you consume you would be in really good health. If
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Unformatted text preview: you eat a lot of calories, sodium, and carbohydrates you will be in bad health, gain wait and more than likely get diabetes. You may even get a really high blood pressure frequently. Justin, I have to say, I totally agree with you, I also look at the exact same things, and think that is the main source of information to look at in order to reduce the risk of developing any of those diseases associated with what we eat. With out having these facts from the content of this course, it would be very hard to adjust our eating habits since most people can not physical believe that could get diabetes just by drinking too much of soda which contains high amounts of sugar....
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