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Week Three DQ 2 After viewing 20/20 ’s video Personal Fitness and Exercise, why is it important to include both exercise and healthy eating habits in your lifestyle? How might incorporating a fitness plan and a balanced diet positively affect your well-being? Week Three ~ Something to Think About How can joining a team help you keep exercise a regular part of your schedule? I have tried both scenarios; exercising alone and with one or more friends, clearly there are more benefits with a group exercise schedule then exercising alone. There were many times where I was not motivated to exercise on one or more of the scheduled days, and ended up going because of my friend’s encouragement, and vise versa. Also while exercising we always push each other to go a step further as well as showing each other different methods of doing certain exercises. Joining a team to exercise on a regular schedule is a very smart decision, the team will help encourage each other when needed, show each other more efficient ways of doing things,
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