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Week Three DQ 3 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: According to Figure 11.5 in the textbook, what are some key guidelines to follow when stretching? Why is stretching a healthy fitness activity? According to figure 11.5 in the textbook we should always stretch to warm-up and cool-down our body before and after any physical activities; we should stretch each and every limb by holding the stretch in position for about 10 to 30 seconds repeating each one 4 times. To achieve the warm-up needed to prepare our body for exercises and provide a transition form rest to physical activity, we should start with a 5- minute brisk walk to ease our cardiovascular system and blood flow to our muscles. For cooling down and slowly transitioning our body from activity to rest, we should spend 5-minute decreasing the intensity of our activity by walking briskly then gradually slowing down before stretching to reduce pain and discomfort.
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