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Week Three DQ 5 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: Suggest two ways you could motivate a friend or relative who does not currently exercise to participate in physical activity. What would you suggest, and why? Refer to p. 335 in your textbook for examples to get you started. One way I would use to motivate a friend or relative is to introduce a third party and use them as an example, I found that to be very convincing and effective, since the reasons or the examples I am given them are neutral. People tend to be more convinced when referring to a third person that they may know, and let them see all the benefits gained from a regular physical activity. My second way is to lead by example; it is much easier to show someone how to do things rather then telling him or her. I would first found out what kind of outdoor activities they enjoy and would like to do, and then suggest we do it together and eventually
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Unformatted text preview: make it into a routine. This way they can do something enjoyable and at the same time get the physical activities needed, and of course I would also benefit form it. Justin, I think the task of motivating friend and family is a lot easier, since friends and family tend to be more relaxed and trustworthy towards us, making it easy to convince them of all the benefits that can be achieved from regular physical activity. Also the fact that we are willing to include our self in exercising with them will make them feel more obliged to accept our advices. David, I agree with planning the approach is very in achieving good results, I think it would be easier to convince someone into starting physical activities when making them aware of all the positive outcomes. This would help in motivating them to get started and perhaps get them used to a routine by exercising regularly. They will eventually become more comfortable with their physical activities....
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