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Week Four ~ Something to Think About

Week Four ~ Something to Think About - cause the stressors...

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Week Four ~ Something to Think About What are the biggest stressors about being an Axia student? My biggest stressors are the ones mentioned in the textbook, and it advises us to avoid them; stressing over things that did not happen yet and may never happen. The thoughts of worrying about weather I will have time to do the assignments, will they be good enough, what the exams are going to be like, will I be able to cope as things progress and may be get more difficult and more demanding, will I be able to go all the way and finish the degree successfully. But I think as time passes by and with more experience these stresses will be much more manageable and will eventually be eliminated. Hope, Anticipation can be very frustrating and can cause us a lot of negative stress, which can in turn lead to a detrimental effect on our health. This can send our body into an un-balanced equilibrium. I think in cases like this where other people
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Unformatted text preview: cause the stressors, and since it is very difficult if not impossible to control other people’s actions, we should learn to focus on controlling our selves instead. One way to achieve this is to use some relaxation techniques, like practicing yoga to help reduce stress. Betty, I agree with you, the fear of failure can be very stressful to us and can even cause us to lose concentration, thus bringing on the chain effects caused by stress. The negative stress is a big concern, and if not detected and controlled, can cause major issues to our overall health. Research has shown that almost a third of college freshman report feeling “frequently overwhelmed by all they have to do”. To control this growing issue, students should learn to anticipate and recognize the stressors and develop solutions to minimize and better manage the stress level....
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