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Getnext element headergetnextsetprevnewnode

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Unformatted text preview: mpty"); return trailer.getPrev(); } public Position before(Position p) throws InvalidPositionException, BoundaryViolationException { // O(1) time DNode v = checkPosition(p); DNode prev = v.getPrev(); if (prev == header) throw new BoundaryViolationException ("Cannot advance past the beginning of the list"); return prev; } public Position insertBefore(Position p, Object element) throws InvalidPositionException { // O(1) time DNode v = checkPosition(p); numElts++; DNode newNode = new DNode(v.getPrev(), v, element); v.getPrev().setNext(newNode); v.setPrev(newNode); return newNode; } public Position insertFirst(Object element) { // O(1) time numElts++; DNode newNode = new DNode(header, header.getNext(), element); header.getNext().setPrev(newNode); header.setNext(newNode); return newNode; } 23 • Estrutura de Dados • Estrutura de Dados Implementação Java (parcial) public class NodeList implements List { protected int numElts; // Number of items in the list protected DNode header, trailer; // Special sentinels // Constructor; O(1) time public NodeList() { numElts = 0; header = new DNode(null, null, null); // create header trailer = new DNode(header, null, null); // create trailer header.setNext(trailer); // make header and trailer point to each other } // Convenience function; O(1) time protected DNode checkPosition(Position p) throws InvalidPositionException { if (p == null) throw new InvalidPositionException ("Null Position passed to NodeList."); if (p == header) throw new InvalidPositionException ("The header node is not a valid position"); if (p == trailer) throw new InvalidPositionException ("The trailer node is not a valid position"); try { DNode temp = (DNode)p; if ((temp.getPrev() == null) || (temp.getNext() == null)) throw new InvalidPositionException ("Position does not belong to a valid NodeList"); return temp; } catch (ClassCastException e) { throw new InvalidPositionException ("Position is of wrong type f...
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