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Week Five DQ 1 According to Table 10.1 on p. 289 (Ch. 10), what are the health consequences of excess weight? Excess weight or obesity is one of the leading top three killers in the USA, and it is on the rise, as more people are getting heavier. The effect of obesity can easily prevent the development of heart disease, cancer, and cerebrovascular ailments, including strokes. The effect of obesity is also associated with diabetes, gallstones, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and several cancers. Many obese people are also discriminated against, isolated with little or no social or physical activities, causing further mental health issues. Most of this weight issue is due to the lack of knowledge, cheap food, food companies’ greed, and bad habits. Another slow but deadly disease due to obesity is cardiovascular disease, causing high blood pressure. It is interesting to know that just 10 – 20 pounds of excess weight is enough to raise the risk of premature death, and for every 2- pound increase in weight the risk of developing arthritis increases by 9 – 13 % as
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Unformatted text preview: well as issues with the body’s joints. Franchasca, You right, there are so many diseases associated with excess weight that affecting more people globally, and not enough of these overweight people are not taking the initiative to follow a healthy eating plan and a regular physical activity to reduce their risk of premature death. If we were to just reduce the intake of food to only when we are hungry and not just for the sake of eating, we could contribute to a big loss of weight, helping us reduce the risk of developing deadly diseases. Carol, It is clearing obvious how being over weight is a huge health concern to all of us, it is frightening to know the long list of diseases associated with excess weight. The fact is excess weight can come from muscle, bone, fat, and water, and this trend seems to be pass down to the young generation, effect the children in there earlier life, putting them at high risk of developing deadly diseases at a very early age....
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