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Week Five DQ 2 According to the segment produced by Nightline , Critical Condition: America's Obesity Crisis, what main factors contribute to individuals becoming obese? Based on the segment, how might economic status affect an individual’s eating habits and fitness levels? According to the segment produced by Nightline, to be poor should mean to be thin, but it is not the case here in the USA, since most of the people living in poverty are overweight or obese. This is mainly due to cheap unhealthy food that is widely and easily available. There is the fact that low income people, when shopping they always go for quantity rather then quality, and buy al the wrong fatty food in large portions, and is easy to prepare. The neighborhood is also surrounded with many fast food restaurants that offer very cheap ready to eat unhealthy fatty food. The supermarkets located in these poor neighborhoods are providing the cost food, which is mainly high in fat and sugars, with fewer options for fresh produce like vegetables and fruits. I think the cycle is repeated from one
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