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Week Five DQ 3 Name one eating disorder. What are the symptoms and dangers associated with this disorder? One of the common eating disorder is the Binge Eating Disorder, this is when individuals turn to binge eating and end up piling on the weight to an unhealthy levels causing al the diseases associated with over eating and obesity. People with this condition tend to binge eating much often then the typical obese people. They usually eat large amount of food and very fast even though they are not hungry and do not need to eat. This eating action is followed by guilt and depressing moods. This eating disorder is a recipe for many short and long-term clinical health diseases like depression, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, gallstones, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and cancers. Studies indicate that obesity is one of the top underlying preventable
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Unformatted text preview: causes of death in the United States. There is also the effect of the high cost of medical expenses and lost productivity due to obesity. Hope, Under eating can be just as dangerous as over eating, as well as over exerting our selves. The results from this condition can be very uncomfortable, painful, and lead to deadly diseases. This disorder has the consequences of reaching a severe unhealthy amount of weigh loss that can put the body and the organs under huge stress and complications. Adam, It is quite disturbing to hear how many people suffer from this terrible eating disorder, up until now I did not realize the severity and the popularity of this deadly disease. It is also known that this pressure that drive young people to starve them selves in order to be sociably accepted, and be among the popular well diverse group....
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