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Week Six DQ 3 - different opinions and allow people to be...

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Week Six DQ 3 What kind of support do you expect from others in a personal relationship? What kind of support do you expect from others in a professional relationship? The support I expect from personal relationship is understanding, mutual respect, honesty, patience, trust, and. support. I would expect them to have boundaries and good communication. Friendships must have needs, expectations, limitations, and affections. I would expect my friends to be positive with a good influence for me to follow, and doing things and having activities independent of each other if we choose to, we should be able to share information with each other in full. Professional support should have respect, understanding, and help to deal with daily interactions. Professional people should also have good communications, help, and support. Professional relationships need to have acceptance, mutual regards to each other, they should respect individuality to let people try their own way in dealing with daily issues embracing differences for
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Unformatted text preview: different opinions, and allow people to be themselves. Resolving conflicts in a rational manner. I would expect professional relationships to have positive growth. Carol, I think mutual respect and honesty are two very important expectations to have with friends. They are the basic requirements for any good lasting friendship. Friends should be able to comfortable let each other know anything good or bad, and be ready at anytime for any reason to help each other when in crisis. They should have enough understanding to give each other support whenever needed. Franchasca, I agree with, communication is plays a big role in any relationship; it is the only way to let each other know about our feeling in regards to any situations we may encounter. We should be able to communicate with each other freely and honestly to deal with unpleasant situations. We should communicate our concern and advise rather then just assume things....
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