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Week Six DQ 4 Refer to Table 5.2 on p. 132 of the textbook. What are three characteristics of a healthy relationship? Why is it important to be aware of the unhealthy characteristics of a relationship? I read this table and the characteristics that stood out to me more than any others in a healthy relationship were ,1. Respecting individuality , embracing differences and allowing each person to be themselves . 2. Expressing and listening to each others feelings , needs and desires and 3. Trusting and being honest with yourself and each other . In my opinion these are three things that a healthy relationship must have present or the relationship just will not work . It is important to be aware of the unhealthy characteristics of a relationship because many of them can cause harm to one or both of the individuals involved such as abuse wether it be mental or physical , lying and cheating and even just one partner not being able to be heard and express his or her feelings . All of
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Unformatted text preview: these are examples of things that can cause long term damage to a person . If one partner were to cheat on the other for instance that partner could pass on a disease to other and they not even be aware of it . Hope, I agree with you, realizing the unhealthy characteristics is key to a good relationship, after all if people do not know they have issues or problems, they ca not work on them to mend them. People need to see and acknowledge any potential conflicts they may have in order to try different methods to help resolve them. Carol, You have picked very good factors; I agree that probably trust and honesty are the most important factors to a healthy relationship. If they can exist all at times, the relationship would be very easy mange whenever issues or problems arise. By letting each other know of any differences at an early stage and before it can escalate to major issues, couples would able to work through them since they are both truthful to each other....
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