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Axia College Material Healthy Interpersonal Relationships [1]23:46:23 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (VO) Internet dating may be relatively modern, but in some ways it is reviving old-fashioned courtship. [1]23:46:29 DAVID BROOKS (COLUMNIST, "THE NEW YORK TIMES") There was a time when, you know, it was very formalized. What struck me as interesting about on-line dating is it puts a little structure back into the relationship. There is sort of the e-mailing phase and that's getting to know somebody, not physically but actually mentally first. [1]23:46:46 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (OC) Which is like the old courtship ritual. [1]23:46:48 DAVID BROOKS (COLUMNIST, "THE NEW YORK TIMES") It's alike and different. [1]23:46:51 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (VO) Different because the traditional matchmakers are now computer programmers. At the hip headquarters of, they gather in the so-called love bunker to talk strategy. [1]23:47:08 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (VO) The company calls its program the total attraction matching system. Not only does it profile members by their personality but it also allows them to choose physical features they find attractive, right down to the centimeter distance between the eyes, the shape of the nose and the height of the forehead. [1]23:47:31 TRISH MCDERMOTT (MATCH.COM) We use this mathematical modeling then to search through our members because we've scanned and measured all of these distances in their profiles, in their photos, to provide members for you who we think you'll be very physically attracted to. [1]23:47:45 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (VO) That may sound like Stepford dating but all these sites are using some form of technology to match up couples. [1]23:48:02 JUDY MULLER (ABC NEWS) (VO) E-Harmony was found by a clinical psychologist who wanted to create a matching system that would lead to solid marriages. [1]23:48:09
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sci162r2_Appendix_F2 - Axia College Material Healthy...

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