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Week Seven DQ 2 According to the segment produced by Nightline , Reproduction and Childbirth, what is Plan B? Why is Plan B controversial? What are the pros and cons of being informed about available contraception? Plan B is the name given to the pill that can be taken the morning after sexual intercourse occurs to stop the pregnancy from developing. The big controversial about plan B is the way it works, and that is by preventing the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus, this has caused quite a stir among the FDA when the drug maker tried to approve the pill for sale over the counter rather then with a doctor’s prescription. Even tough the majority of the FDA panel approved for the drug to be sold over the counter, it was rejected due to the concern about age limitation. If approved, it would mean that young girls would be able to buy it as easy as adults. This would a big concern about usage among those younger girls. The major cons would be women’s safety from taking the pill, as for the
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Unformatted text preview: pros, taking this pill would help stop any unwanted pregnancy. Amy, I agree with you, it is very important to educate people in regards to all available contraceptives. Users need to be aware of all the side affects that could affect them for the benefit of having those contraceptives. It is interesting to know that there are many controversy about the Plan B pill, to the point where the FDA could not reach a decision about weather it should available over the counter or with a doctors prescription. Franchasca, I agree with you about the fact that Plan B pill is not the best available contraceptive, since it is used to stop a pregnancy instead or prevent it. This could encourage people, especially young teenagers to be less cautious about taking birth control, thinking they can just take the morning after pill to terminate a potential pregnancy....
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