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Week Seven DQ 4 - Week Seven DQ 4 Based on the information...

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Week Seven DQ 4 Based on the information provided in Table 6.1, what are the contraceptives listed as providing complete protection and limited protection. Why is it important to be aware of contraceptive effectiveness? According to the table provided by the textbook, the number one and only one way of assuring 100% with no doubt what so ever is to adhere to a continuous abstinence from sexual intercourse. For those who cannot do with out sexual intercourse, the next best thing would be sterilization; it is costly however it does providing the best odds for controlling unwanted pregnancy. Other less expensive but with lower odds are oral contraceptives, nuvaring, and both male and female condoms. One more method that does not cost anything, and if used perfectly, it can provide reasonable prevention at about 4%, is Withdrawal. What ever method one chooses to use as contraceptive, they need to be fully aware of their risks, side effects, as well as their effectiveness to help them make the right choice in order to best minimize the risk of them having an unwanted pregnancy
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