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Siddhartha speech

Siddhartha speech - 3 passages have a thematic connection...

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3 passages have a thematic connection of Siddhartha’s search for spiritual enlightenment. they are all essential to Siddhartha’s journey to Nirvana. 1st passage pg 35 This passage is significant because it is at this time that Govinda and Siddhartha go their separate ways in their own search for understanding life, and you see Govinda as an individual instead of someone living in the shadows of Siddhartha. They begin with looking for the same search for truth with they believe is essential for having a content or harmonious relationship with the world. The truth which Siddhartha and Govinda are searching for is a universal understanding of life. Siddhartha and Govinda both have a desire to understand their lives through spirituality, and look to do this by reaching Nirvana. They both start with the belief that finding Nirvana is possible. Even though Nirvana leads to a perfect relationship with the world and is obviously an end goal that every person hopes to reach, Siddhartha and Govinda different in what they’re willing to do in search for this truth. In Siddhartha’s case, when he becomes suspicious that one path may lead to a dead end, he quickly changes his course. He is willing to abandon the path of the Brahmins for the path of the Samanas, to leave the Samanas for Gotama , and then to make a sudden change from spiritual teachers to the material world with Kamala and Kamaswami . He
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