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Pattern and Rhythm Summary The beginning of this chapter starts with introducing the reader to two new aspects that ‘spring’ out from the story’s plot and which the characters or other elements of the story contribute to. These two aspects are Pattern and Rhythm, and the narrator states that there are no literary words to summarize or describe these two aspects. Therefore, he ‘borrows’ painting to represent Pattern and ‘borrows’ music to represent Rhythm. Using references from previously written literature, the narrator proceeds to depict what a Pattern is by using the following two pieces of literature: ‘Thais’ by Anatole France and ‘Roman Pictures’ by Percy Lubbock. These two pieces of literature have patterns that are so definite that it is possible for a pictorial image to sum up the pattern. Their patterns portray pictorial images of an hourglass and a grand chain, respectively. Evidently though, these works of fiction do not literally portray an hourglass and a grand chain, they are just there to give our thoughts, and the aesthetic pleasure we get from the novel, a name. The pattern in Thais has its two central characters widely separated from one another in the moral aspect in the beginning. The central part of the novel has the two characters meeting together and exchanging positions, and then the end has the two characters separated from one another and now on opposite ends of the spectrum from where they began. The pattern of the hourglass can be seen where the base of the hourglass has its grains of sand separated over a large base in the beginning, the middle of an hourglass is very thin and where all grains of sand meet together before finally finishing on the bottom and dispersing in separate ways. The second piece of literature has its characters meeting together, separating and then convening once again to complete the ‘grand chain’ pattern. In both pieces of literature, the narrator finds the Pattern to be
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Pattern and Rhythm Summary - Pattern and Rhythm Summary The...

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