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Act 1 Scene 1 - Julius Caesar

Act 1 Scene 1 - Julius Caesar - Act 1 Scene 1 Roman...

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ˉ Act 1 Scene 1 ˉ Roman senators Murellus sees the common people of Rome parading in the streets instead of working in their shops. ˉ He demands to know why the men are not working. A cobbler informs them that the people are celebrating Caesar's victory. ˉ Murellus is angered by this information, and begins a rage at the commoners ˉ Says how the Romans embraced Pompey when he was in power, but now support Caesar simply because he is victorious in his war against Pompey ˉ He then tells them that Caesar has not defeated an enemy, but rather that Ceasar has killed the sons of Pompey the Great. Pompey previously ruled Rome along with Caesar until their alliance fell apart, at which point they went to battle over the right to rule.   attack the crowd for their betrayal in celebrating the defeat of a man who was once their leader. ˉ He calls the commoners ‘you blocks, you stones, you worth than senseless things’ indicates that the Roman people are incapable of thinking for themselves and are without independent thought They refer to the
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