Act 1 Scene 2 - Julius Caesar

Act 1 Scene 2 - Julius Caesar - Act 1 Scene 2 Lupercal...

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ˉ Act 1 Scene 2 ˉ Lupercal festival; young men ran naked through the city touching the spectators, ˉ Caesar asks Antony to not forget to touch Calpurnia while he is running because ‘for our elders say’ anyone who is touched by someone running will become fertile ˉ Elders are considered wise in Roman times ˉ Good omen to be touched; superstition ˉ Calpurnia is sterile, and unable to have a child ˉ Important because Caesar need for a child is brought up and perhaps because he wants a heir to the Roman empire after his death ˉ Festival is considered holy because of the line ‘in this holy chase’ chase indicating the run by then men ˉ Brutus interprets the importance Caesar places on this issue as evidence Caesar hopes to create a dynasty, and fuelling Brutus' reasons for destroy Caesar, because a dynasty represents total power in the hand of one man, something Brutus is against Theme: heir, superstitions, infertility ˉ Act 1 Scene 2 ˉ Brutus and Cassius remain on the stage after everyone else leaves ˉ Cassius tells Brutus that he has noticed Brutus acting more serious lately. ˉ Brutus tells him that he is "with himself at war" (1.2.48) and that Cassius should not worry about it. ˉ Blames his lack of spirit in himself ˉ Is covering up his feelings and stress by keeping them to himself and isolating himself from others ˉ At war with himself so he is not considering others feelings ˉ His emotions and ideas are conflicting ˉ Asks Cassius to not let his behaviours effect his; don’t let my troubles become yours ˉ Idea of Brutus at war sets up the whole concept of war, for physical fighting amongst Antony’s army vs. Brutus and Cassius’s army, as well as Brutus emotions and ideas at war throughout the whole play because he never quite convinces himself that killing Caesar is the correct thing to do ˉ Act 1 Scene 2 ˉ Cassius trying to convince/persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy; sucking up to Brutus ˉ Cassius tells Brutus that he will be the mirror who reflects back to Brutus his true feelings and nature. At this moment, the reader recognizes Cassius has a private agenda and is providing Brutus with a false mirror. ˉ Cassius saying that the most important people in Rome wish he were leading the Roman empire ˉ Ironic that Cassius knows his plan is to assassinate Caesar yet he calls him immortal ˉ Speaking sarcastically about Caesar by saying he is immortal, bringing Caesar down by referring to the
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Act 1 Scene 2 - Julius Caesar - Act 1 Scene 2 Lupercal...

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