Act 1 Scene 3 - Julius Caesar

Act 1 Scene 3 - Julius Caesar - Act 1 Scene 3 After the...

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ˉ Act 1 Scene 3 ˉ There is a terrible storm currently occurring ˉ Casca meets with Cicero , one of the great Roman senators, and tells him he has seen many strange things on the streets of Rome that day ˉ After the festival of Lupercal, Casca sees many strange omens, such as a man with a burning hand, a lion roaming the streets, and an owl screeching during the daytime. Cicero, with whom Casca confines regarding these matters, explains that people with interpret omens as they see fit, inventing their own explanations. True to form, Casca interprets these strange omens as warnings of Caesar's wish to rule
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