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Compare and Contrast Commentary - Compare and Contrast...

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Compare and Contrast Commentary Between Duluce Et There are numerous general similarities between the poems “Duluce Et Decorum Est” and “The Man He Killed.” However, these two poems contrast in many ways as well. The similarities begin with the fact that both poems are written about soldiers representing their countries in World War I. Both men are soldiers who are opposed to the idea of killing a human, however, how they bring their points across are very different. Never the less, their opinions on war are the same. Both soldiers question the idea of killing men simply for the sake of war, and both are changed by what the see and experience in combat. In general these two poems are sending a message across that war is an experience that no man should have to go through, and an experience that shouldn’t be considered painless and simple. What the soldiers see in the trenches has a physiological effect on them. In “The Man He Killed,” the soldier is trying to justify his reasons for joining the army and taking another man’s life. He cannot comprehend the fact that he is killing a man simply because he is his ‘foe’ and must persuade his mind to agree in what he is trying to believe. The soldier in “Duluce Et Decorum Est” has seen horrific images of his fellow solider dying, and thinks to himself “In all my dreams before my helpless sight” (15). His mind cannot comprehend the amount of terror and pain it is seeing, and finds himself feeling helpless, “drunk with fatigue” (6) and “If in some smothering dream” (17). However, this is where the similarities end, and intricate contrasts between the two poems come out. The one clear contrast between the two poems is the narration and when it takes place. In the poem “Duluce Et Decorum Est,” the narration is occurring during the battle trenches in the middle of the war, and the soldier is speaking in the middle of the events
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Compare and Contrast Commentary - Compare and Contrast...

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