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3 Principle of International Trade

3 Principle of International Trade - SYLLABUS Year 2007...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2007 Course No. 19281 Course Title PRINCIPLE OF INTENATIONAL TRADE Course Classification Required major course Elective major course Credit 3.0 Grade 75 Professor Course Description The lecture is concerned with international economics and management. Students can acquire the theoretical understanding on international economics and business administration. In addition, the practical knowledge and ability for foreign trade would be provided. Course Goals With rapid growth in the volume of world trade and investment, borderless world economy is being formed. Trade frictions between counties are more often taken place. So trade policy in one country is determined not only by the country’s policy stances, but also by the counterpart county’s ones. As becoming more policy-determining mechanism are needed. Course Procedures Your presentation and reviewing the lecture and text is highly required. Also, the record is depend on your active participation. Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments
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1.1 provide an overview of what is meant by world trade 1.2
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