4 Channel Management - 1 week Topic(s Introduction to Class...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2006 Course No. 34538 Course Title CHANNEL MANAGEMENT Course Classification Elective major course Credit 3.0 Grade 72 Professor JIEUN LEE Course Description This course is designed to assist students to understand fundamental concepts of retailing management. It focuses on the broad spectrum of retailers. Main topics covered are types of retatilers, multichannel retailing, retailing strategy, retail locations, retail communication mix, and store management. Course Goals -To critically analyze the retailing process, the environment within which it operates, and the institutions and functions that are performed. -To provide a foundation for those students who plan to work in retailing or related disciplines Course Procedures Primarily, it will be a lecture, discussion and team presentation format. It may also include guest speakers and case presentation. Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments
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Unformatted text preview: 1 week Topic(s) Introduction to Class 1 week Assignments Reading Chapter 1 2 week Topic(s) The World of Retailing (Chapter 1) 2 week Assignments Reading Chapter 2 Assignment 1 3 week Topic(s) Types of Retailers (Chapter 2) 3 week Assignments Reading Chapter 3 4 week Topic(s) Multichannel Retailing (Chapter 3) 4 week Assignments Reading Chapter 4 Assignment 2 5 week Topic(s) Customer Buying Behavior (Chapter 4) 5 week Assignments Reading Chapter 5 Team Project Proposal 6 week Topic(s) Retail Market Strategy (Chapter 5) 6 week Assignments Reading Chapter 7 Assignment 3 7 week Topic(s) Retail Locations (Chapter 7) 7 week Assignments Midterm Exam Preparation 8 week Topic(s) Midterm Exam 8 week Assignments Reading Chapter 9,10 9 week Topic(s) HR Management, SCM (Chapter 9,10) 9 week Assignments...
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4 Channel Management - 1 week Topic(s Introduction to Class...

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