7 Well-being Meditation & Yoga

7 Well-being Meditation & Yoga - Define meditation...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course No. 56261 Course Title Course Classification Elective Cultural studies Credit 3.0 Grade A Professor Su Hyun Jung Course Description Yoga is accessible to everybody. A history of 5000 years is proof of how lasting and magical this exercise art really is. How many other exercises can boast worldwide acceptance? The fact is, over the past twenty years, yoga popularity has increased from minimal interest to one of the most popular exercise regimes around. With so many different yoga schools, instructors and styles, the choices can be daunting. This course is designed to give you the information you need to decide on the perfect combination that will make your practice the most enjoyable and satisfying. You will be guided through the steps for beginner yoga poses and meditation, with emphasis on concentrated deep breathing. Course Goals This history of yoga and the chants involved. How yoga can balance your life. The five points of yoga. Beginning yoga exercises.
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Unformatted text preview: Define meditation and discusses the different types of meditation. How imagery can help with relaxation and reducing stress. The benefits of yoga for all ages and sizes. Poses to help with relaxation, diet tips, and yoga props. The benefits and yoga exercises for chronic pain, arthritis, and flexibility. Yoga etiquette. How to determine the right class for you. Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments Lesson 1: Unearthing Yoga's Roots Lesson 2: Yoga Mantra Lesson 3: Setting the Yoga Stage Lesson 4: Getting Started On The Yoga Track Lesson 5: Meditation and Yoga Lesson 6: Guided Imagery and Visualization and the Eight Limbs of Yoga Lesson 7: Yoga Is For Everyone Lesson 8: Ancient Self Improvement Works Even Today Lesson 9: Yoga Unites With Modern Medicine Lesson 10: Yoga Misconceptions Lesson 11: Setting Goals and Minding Your Yoga Manners Lesson 12: The Right Yoga Class For You...
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7 Well-being Meditation & Yoga - Define meditation...

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