9 Introduction to E-Buisness Technology

9 Introduction to E-Buisness Technology - implications of...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course No. 32515 Course Title Introduction to E-Business Technology Course Classification Elective Cultural studies Credit 3.0 Grade A Professor Ki Ho Lee Course Description By introducing trends and situation of Internet technology in each sector, students can increase overall understanding on Internet technologies. Also during classes, Internet languages including HTML and Java-Script will be practiced and students will make homepages by themselves Course Goals To understand history behind the technology we use today, and how we might be able to envision future paths and prepare for new technologies as they unfold based on this history. To learn the relevant terminology and underlying concepts of today's technology. To explore different operating systems (both graphical and command line). To be able to use the tools and information available on the Internet to gather ideas and facts, and to organize and format information gathered both on and off the net in a professional manner. To consider societal impact and
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Unformatted text preview: implications of technology. Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments Week 1 .Hardware/Software/Operating Systems/Networks: Introduction and Terminology Week 2. Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web Week 3. Instant Messaging and some network security issues Week 4. The UNIX Operating System Week 5. Using on-line Resources via Telnet and Secure Shell Week 6. Ways to transfer files across the Internet Week 7.Exploration of On-line Library Resources (both Telnet-based and Web-based) Week 8.Searching on the World Wide Web Week 9. Mid Term EXAM Week 10.Issues in Credibility and Reliability of Sources on the Internet Week 11.Web page authoring (including style sheets and java applets) Week 12.Introduction to Spreadsheets Week 13.Some Basic Concepts in Statistical Functions Week 14.Javascript programming Week 15.Social and Legal Issues Relating to the Internet and Information Technology Week 16 Final Exam...
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9 Introduction to E-Buisness Technology - implications of...

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