13 Self-Development Leadership

13 Self-Development Leadership - of leader and leadership 3...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course No. 24141 Course Title Self-Development and Leadership Course Classification Elective Cultural studies Credit 3.0 Grade A+ Professor Tae Hyung Park Course Description Since human lived communal life, leadership has existed as a universal social phenomenon and all society needs leadership. This lecture discusses historical changes of the concept of leadership, types of leadership, all principles of system management and operation and desirable image of leader required in each field of Korean society. And, it seeks for supplementation measure by grasping the strength and weak point as a leader of future society. Course Goals The objectives of this course are as follows: 1. To understand the changes of modern society. 2. To be able to understand and explain the essence
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Unformatted text preview: of leader and leadership. 3. To understand requirements and behavioral virtues for effective leadership in digital knowledge-information society. Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments Week 1 Introducation and Infomation Week 2 How the world changes? Week 3 Who are leaders? Week 4 What is leadership? Week 5 Leadership process Week 6 Principle-centered leadership Week 7 Leadership in organization context Week 8 Midterm Exam Week 9 Watching Video Week 10 Leadership and power Week 11 Leadership and empowerment Week 12 Leader and technical ability Week 13 Major approaches in studies on leadership Week 14 Desirable leadership in digital knowledge-information society Week 15 The Limitation and development of leadership Week 16 Final Exam...
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13 Self-Development Leadership - of leader and leadership 3...

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