14 Understanding of Psychology

14 Understanding of Psychology - SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course...

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SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course No. 15155 Course Title Understanding of Psychology. Course Classification Elective Cultural studies Credit 3.0 Grade A+ Professor Jung Bok Kim Course Description This course provides an overview of the major disciplines and topics that comprise the science of psychology. It focuses on the fundamental concepts and facts of psychology as a science within a framework that emphasizes the functions of psychological mechanisms and how psychologists have gone about discovering and understanding them. Course Goals 1. Theory and Content of Psychology 2. Research Methods in psychology 3. Application of Psychology 4. Communication Skills Course Procedures Grades will be based on points earned from a pretest (7.5%), 12 quizzes (42%), three writing/critiquing (peer review) assignments (32%), attendance (11%) and a cumulative final exam (7.5%). Weekly Course Schedule / Assignments
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1.1 Describe the nature of psychology as a discipline a. Explain how and why psychology uses science to study human behavior. b. Identify the primary goals of psychology as a discipline: describe, understand, predict, and control human behaviors, attitudes, and affective responses. 1.2 Use the concepts, language, and major theories of the discipline to account for psychological phenomenon a. Identify antecedents, process variables, and outcomes of human behavior and though processes b. Describe behavior and thought processes of human beings using empirical support.
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14 Understanding of Psychology - SYLLABUS Year. 2005 Course...

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