article summary 2 - different societies. Some of East...

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MinKyun Kim German Culture Ray Furlong 23 March 2011 Germany When I was a reading about this article, I found about German reunification. It is very interested to me. Germans were breaking down the Berlin wall that the most potent symbol of divided Germany in 1990. “Germany was officially reunified on October 3 rd , 1990, when the five reestablished German states of Eastern Germany formally joined the Federal Republic of Germany”. They were also celebrating their reunification. However, as time went by the government and citizen suffered from economical problems. East and West Germans used to live in different environments for a long period. Therefore both of side citizen has been going through tough situations since reunification. Germany is facing a social disintegration, high unemployment rates and a long economic slump due to reunification. There is serious social division between East and West Germany. They used to live in the
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Unformatted text preview: different societies. Some of East Germans who have experienced communism for a long period are still having difficulties to adapt democracy. Therefore the East Germans are having mental struggle to adapt a new system. Moreover, a lot of Germans are having a prejudice to face each other. Germany is marking the anniversary of the day in 1990 when east and west formally came together. However, a lot of Germans said they still feeling the division. “They still think people in the East are all lazy and stupid”. Overall, there are serious negative effects after reunification in Germany. Today, some parts of the East seem poorer than ever and unemployment is soaring. A lot of Germans still feeling the divide because of social disintegration. Furthermore Germany‘s economy is still in depression...
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article summary 2 - different societies. Some of East...

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