Case 2 - Case 2: Leadership by Industry Analysis Colin...

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Case 2: Leadership by Industry Analysis Colin Goodhart, Robert Giglio, Minkyun Kim Team #3 University of Oklahoma Professor Brett Bradley March 27, 2012 1
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INTRODUCTION In our global market, various industries have a strong calling for different types of leaders in order for companies, people, and the industry to succeed and be effective. The hospital industry is an ever-changing work place where hospital personnel are faced with life and death saving procedures, minor treatment, and the diagnosis of injuries. Doctors, nurses, and medical personnel must be able to lead by example so that their colleagues and patients are able to be relieved of any duress that may come upon them. The people in the hospital industry must establish distinct leadership traits, styles, and personality traits so that they can successfully perform in their workplace. Discussed below are the distinct leadership and personality trait and styles that people in the hospital industry strive to achieve. LEADERSHIP TRAITS Throughout the past sixty years, researchers in the leadership community have studied various traits and characteristics that leaders must have to be effective. This list has been narrowed down to include intelligence, integrity, self-confidence, sociability, and determination. In the hospital industry, all of these traits are significant for doctors, nurses, and medical personnel to successfully treat patients and run in-patient health services. The key leadership traits that members of the hospital industry all must have to efficiently run these services are determination and integrity. Integrity is referred to as the quality of honesty and trustworthiness. People who have integrity have a strong set of morals and principles and take responsibility for their actions (Northouse 21). Integrity is
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Case 2 - Case 2: Leadership by Industry Analysis Colin...

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