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Case2-S12 - 5 Case 2 Leadership The assignment requires...

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숙숙 숙숙 숙숙 숙숙 숙숙숙숙 숙숙숙숙숙 숙숙숙숙숙 !!! 숙숙숙 숙숙 5 !. Case 2 – Leadership The assignment requires your team to conduct a leadership by industry analysis. Although some leadership characteristics are always beneficial, the context in which we lead has a huge impact on our ultimate leadership success. When a leader’s strengths are a great fit for the leadership needs of a given situation, great results should occur. However, when a leader’s strengths are a poor fit for the leadership needs of a given situation, success will be very difficult to achieve. One way to think about different situations for leaders is to consider the various industries in our economy. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classifies industries using a multi-digit coding system. The total system has five levels. The second level, for example, has 99 categories which are listed at the end of these instructions. You can also find more information about these classification codes at the following website: http://www.census.gov/cgi-bin/sssd/naics/naicsrch?chart=2007 Pick one industry from any of the NAICS categories (for example, the second-level codes at the end of these instructions). You can pick an industry in which you want to work, are interested, or know people, etc. Think about what organizations in that industry should look for when hiring future leaders for the company. You can explore organizations’ websites, job posting sites, or other information sources to learn what they look for in leaders. Try to be creative in your information gathering phase. If you know people in the industry you could ask them about critical leadership characteristics. Or, you could ask faculty at OU that may be familiar with that industry. Also, be sure to focus on leadership effectiveness not leadership emergence. Follow these instructions in conducting your analysis. Appendix – Fill in the Excel template (posted on D2L) with your leadership by industry analysis. Attach this appendix to your paper (doesn’t count against 5 page limit).
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  • North American Industry Classification System, Paper Manufacturing, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Related Product Manufacturing

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